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I’m Adina Oltean from Create To Soar - the place where you create your signature program and launch a soaring business you love.

I am so delighted that you are here.

I am sure that you feel curious and intrigued to find out more about myself, wondering how I could help you to create the life that you deserve and want for yourself, with the support of simple ( SOAR ) formula based on client clarity and simple launch systems.

I have made it my mission and passion in life to inspire people to start-up and launch successful coaching and counselling businesses.

By following a simple 4-step formula you will move from roughly having an idea of what you want to do next, to creating your signature program and launching a successful business.

Together, we create an action plan that you can implement from day 1.

For example, you know that you possess the skills of how to help people but don't know how to build a consistent monthly income from doing what you love. You are struggling to identify your ideal client because you want to help everyone. I wish I could tell you that things are so easy, but they are not!

You feel frustrated that you have some experience and ideas but not enough to give you the courage to really start building an online coaching or/and counselling business. 

How do I know that I am the person who can help you? 

Because I applied on myself the same techniques and tools that I will share with you once we start working together. I followed the same system that I will deliver you. I will show exactly what I have done to overcome my own limiting beliefs and move forward with my business after gaining my qualifications. 

Are you ready to dig deeper?

I'm here for you,


Our promise


My  promise to you is to motivate, encourage and empower you on your entrepreneurial journey through:

* Weekly videos: doses of inspiration to help you succeed in business and life. View the latest video’s and posts here – blog link.

* Masterclasses: I regularly host live interviews with amazing people from the coaching industry, online masterclasses, which cover topics meant to help you build a successful business.

* Personalized mindset blueprints – created especially for you throughout your coaching sessions

* The "Create to Soar" Coaching Academy Facebook group: an online community where you can connect with like-minded women from around the world and get the support you need to succeed. Meet them here – link to the group.

* Facebook page: the place where you get to know me better.

* Blog: I publish regular content on the blog, including how-tos, tips & tricks, things to try and more. You are cordially invited to contribute with sending us your articles too.

* Newsletter - updates with the latest news that could benefit you and your business

Thank you

Adina x

I'm so thrilled that you are here!

Let me ask you 3 questions:

  • Are you a woman with a coaching or therapeutic qualification and you have no idea what to do next?
  • Do you often question how it is possible that you can be working so hard & not getting the results that you both desire & deserve?
  • Did you start to get frustrated that you don’t know what steps to take?

  • If your answer is Yes, to any of these questions, then You Are in the Right Place!
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